AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, has already made its mark in the industry and has the potential for much more. AI is a field of computer science that is programmed to perform tasks that generally require human intelligence.  Each industry has integrated artificial intelligence into its daily operations, thus leveraging its benefits.   Nowadays, AI has the potential to create & deliver messages, create videos & graphics, write articles, and perform numerous other tasks that would require hours for a human to complete.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important for business growth?
AI tools can raise your business revenue to a new level and improve operational efficiency. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of AI for small businesses:
  1. Cost-effectiveness: Implementing an AI tool is a one-time investment that can get you returns over the coming years. It lowers the operating cost and automates manual tasks.
  1. Enhanced performance: AI tools have been proven effective and efficient in reducing operational time, and reducing human errors.
  2. Increase in profits: Cost reduction, time reduction, and reduced workforce can increase the overall profits of your small business.
  3. Personalized customer service: AI tools like chatbots assist a small business in providing personalized customer services, thus maximizing sales of the business. 
  In addition to these, numerous other benefits come with each AI tool. Let’s have a look at them.


  1. Upmetrics-AI Business Plan Generator:  Upmetrics is an AI business plan generator that can be used to create business plans in a very short period. With this tool, you can generate, edit, shorten, expand, and change the tone of the content. It offers 400+ business plan examples for you to choose from. Upmetrics has a user-friendly interface.

 (Source: Upmetrics)

    1. Intuitive user interface
    2. Providing cloud storage for your data
    3. Resources to enhance and polish your content
    4. Financial forecasting assistance 
    5. Different canvas templates for strategic templates
Starter Premium
$7/ per month $14/ per month
  1. ClickUp: ClickUp is a cloud-based project management software for small businesses to facilitate work planning, task and project management. It has an AI writing assistant that helps create tasks, generate visual descriptions for the team, and prepare documents. ClickUp can be used in software development, HR, design, marketing, operations, and engineering. Its AI writing assistant runs on natural language processing (NLP). 

(Source: ClickUp)

    1. 100+ domain-based AI tools
    2. 24*7 support
    3. Allows you to import your work from 3rd party applications
    4. Can be accessed via laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

Personal use Small teams Mid-sized teams
$0 $7 / per month $12 / per month
  1. Jasper AI: Jasper AI is one of the top AI content-writing tools that can help entrepreneurs and small businesses publish high-quality content on numerous platforms. It can be used to create any type of content that you require ranging from articles, and blogs to marketing materials and emails. Jasper allows you to set the tone of the content you require and then edit it further according to your needs. 

(Source: Jasper ai)

    1. Can generate content in 30+ languages
    2. Allows integration with 3rd party applications like Grammarly.
    3. 50+ templates for content creation
    4. Provides translation of text from one language to another

Creator Teams Business
$39 / per month $99 / per month Custom
  1. Zoho Zia: Zia is an AI-powered assistant that has been proven effective for the sales team of any business. Zoho Zia is used to collect customer data, manage leads, write documents, and maximize revenue. It can be integrated with social media profiles to automate the response to customer queries and provide them with 24*7 support. Zoho Zia is a game changer for the sales team looking to automate tasks and improve their efficiency.

(Source: Zoho Zia)

  1. User-friendly CRM
  2. AI-powered grammar suggestions
  3. Suggests the best time to contact customers when required
  4. Provides pictorial representation of your real-time data

Basic Professional Enterprise
$10 user/month $17 user/month $25 / month
  1. ChatSpot by Hubspot: ChatSpot is a sales and marketing tool backed by AI to automate operations. This AI tool functions on chatgpt and other data sources present online. It helps you to write long blogs, engaging social media posts, and more. The best feature of ChatSpot is that it’s 100% free to use. 

(Source: HubSpot)

    1. Generates personalized responses for customers
    2. Provides you the ability to connect your business to Hubspot CRM
    3. Helps in creating AI-generated images
    4. Helps in analyzing competitor’s strategies in a better way

  1. Dall. E 2: Dall. E 2 is an AI platform developed by OpenAI for generating images and art forms from prompts and descriptions. This platform is being used by many art enthusiasts and small businesses to create unique designs for selling in the market, thus saving time, money, and resources. Up till now, it is the best AI image-generating platform in the market.

(Source: Zapier)

    1. User-friendly interface
    2. Allows you to generate high-quality AI-generated images
    3. 4 AI-generated images from one prompt
    4. Allows you to replace elements of a picture

For every 115 credits*
* 1 credit = 1 text prompt with 4 image variations

  1. Manatal: Manatal is a talent acquisition software backed by AI used by HR professionals to hire fresh talent. It’s an easy-to-use software that can make your business’s hiring process much simpler and quicker. The AI feature will allow you to shortlist from a pool of candidates that suits your job description. You can now share your job opening with 2,500+ job listing sites worldwide.

(Source: Manatal)

    1. Automates repetitive activities while recommending the best applicants for the position.
    2. Evaluate applicant profiles in light of the job specifications.
    3. Easy to set up and appropriate for all web browsers.
    4. Effective candidate acquisition through diverse methods

Professional Enterprise Custom
$15 / per user per month $35/ per user per month On Demand
  1. Motion: Motion is an AI daily planner that helps you prioritize important work and plan your daily tasks accordingly. It works as an automated task scheduler which ensures that your daily schedule is aligned with your day. Get rid of that pen and paper for your to-do lists, as the engaging Motion interface will keep you engaged. This tool can have a significant impact on your productivity and daily efficiency. 

(Source: Motion)

    1. Project scheduling with AI
    2. Plan your daily schedule in one click
    3. Automation of tasks
    4. Acts as an umbrella of information for all the meeting details

Individual Team
$19 / per month $12 user/month
  1. Lumen5: Lumen5 is a cloud-based video editing software that works with the help of AI. It allows you to create engaging videos through blog posts. These videos will help you take marketing to a whole new level. It has a built-in library of 500M+ images and templates for you to choose from.

(Source: Lumen5)

    1. Generates automatic captions for your videos
    2. User-friendly interface
    3. Redefines marketing content
    4. Inbuilt collaboration features

Basic Starter Professional Enterprise
$19 / per month $59 / per month $149 / per month Custom
  1. Otter AI: Otter AI is an AI meeting assistant that can record talks, provide audio files, transcript user interviews, help you take notes, and make summaries, all of which will help your meetings run more smoothly and effectively. Your meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams can be automatically recorded, and they can be connected with Google and Microsoft Calendar. Additionally, customers may catch up on everything missed with the help of this AI tool’s real-time meeting summaries.

(Source: Otter AI)

    1. Generates meeting minutes from transcripts
    2. Transcribe audio and video recordings
    3. Generates real-time summaries at the end of the meetings
    4. Transcribe YouTube videos

Basic Pro Business Enterprise
Free $10 per user/month $20 per user/month Custom


Currently, there are ample of AI tools that can be used in businesses for a wide range of domains. Selecting an ideal AI tool is a deal breaker for your business and ROI. The following factors should be taken into consideration while choosing your AI tool:
  1. Analyze your requirements: Make sure you have a clear understanding of your business requirements. This will help you understand which area of your business needs automation and optimization.
  2. Industrial experience: Before finalizing the tool, understand it thoroughly. Has it been used in the industry or not? Perform a deep background research and then make your final decision.
  3. Ethically right: Your AI tool should not violate the code of ethics and any laws of the industry you are working in. 
  4. Return on investment: Just perform a quick calculation with numbers and check whether your expected ROI will be provided by the tool or not.  


Going forward, more AI tools will be developed for numerous domains. The above top 10 tools cover every domain in the business. Go ahead and try out these tools. See what works best for you and increase your ongoing revenue.   

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We've Got An Unbeatable Offer!

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We promise unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied with your website. No extra charges, no questions asked!

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